Live Review from Underground 12:
DUMP take the heavyosity stakes of the night – 5 guys in jeans and black tshirts shakily do some Green Day covers plus some originals with traces of “Black Sabbath” bass lines & “Type O Negative” goth gloom, also some nifty progr rock time changes & cool drumming. The choice of songs was down to the fact that the singer & 1 other DUMP member was missing and KK plus Seth from Hardpack stepped in as the show must go on.
Nick Lovatt

“Underground is a great event that bring bands from Hong Kong together, if only for one night a month. It is great because it is about music and the joy it brings, and not about sales or anything else. You get some great crowds and it’s just a lot of fun. We really enjoyed being a part of it. Jonathan (DUMP)

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Performances by Dump: