u73032.jpgLive Review from Underground 73:
Next on the bill were the quantum Alternative Metal band (yup I create my own genres now) : Eccentric. I say alternative metal as the backing music is pretty heavy with metal elements, while the voice of gorgeous singer Kiki, kept the music pretty accessible. Think Evanescence. Eccentric have a rock solid rhythm section with one of the best drummers of the night, and a bassist who rocked a solo. While we’re mentioning capabilities, the guitarist demonstrated his skills with a great solo in the third song. Speaking of guitarists, and this may sound a little queer, but I was momentarily in awe of this rockers immaculate straight long hair. If Herbal Essence started a marketing campaign for metal guitarists, they should hook this dude up for the posters. Back to the music though, Eccentric played a well thought out set with songs flowing from one to the next, complete with tight breakdowns and even started the nights first mosh pit. Did I mention the gorgeous lead singer?
Tim – Hong Kong Independent Music Blog


Live Review from Underground 41:

What a delight this band was to watch. Kiki on vocals can sing and enjoys having the audience eat out of her hands. Tight pop rock is what this band plays. Toe-tapping melodies and pleasing vocals. Gould the drummer has that uni-sex look that certainly titilated certain members of the male audience. I would say this band are the surprise of the evening for me, I was not expecting them to be this good. I will definitely go to see Eccentric play again.
Mark Emerson

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Performances by Eccentric: