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Live Review from Underground 113

The band was, to put it simply, full of surprises – but good ones, for that matter. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant when asked to review the band (“I really don’t listen to that much electronic music…” “You’ll be fine,” Chris B assured), but don’t let the name fool you – most of the electronic elements in the songs serve more as ornaments than form the main dish itself. The second surprise came in the form of jumpers. Correction: bright, patterned vintage jumpers that all the band members were rocking. With this attire, you’ve already won half the battle before you even got onto the stage.

The first song set the expectation for where the night was going, music-wise; 觸發點 was what a 80s Leslie Cheung song would sound like if it was rigged with rock influences and remixed with heavy beats and a drum track. The vocalist looked a bit sheepish at times, and seemed unsure as to where to put his hands – but he had a nice, deep voice that went well with the vibe of the songs. The second song, 非請勿坐, was a groovy one, with a catchy guitar motif and Jay Chou-esque vocals, but the third, 月光sofa was the one that really stood out, with a beautiful vocal interlude by the bassist Eunice that showcased the diversity of talent the band possesses. The rapping vocals, the backup singing, the keyboards, the bass and the beat all blended together nicely and ended on a high pitch finish. It was only till the fourth song, 卡式, that there were more overt electronic influences; the keyboardist, in fact, was a new addition to the band. The intro had synthpop overtones, and the melody of reminiscent of Alan Tam’s 這陷阱; this song would be great for either the soundtrack to a late night police chase in classic Hong Kong gangster films, or the theme to an Ultraman cartoon. 傻was the curious love-child between the electronic motif of a James Bond-like theme and jazz influences; it also featured backing vocals by yet another member of the band, the drummer, who had a sweet but strong voice that matched the vigor of her instrument. The last, 外星人之吻 (Kiss of an alien), was my favourite of the night; it was perhaps the song that most lived up to the expectations attached to its name ‘Electricious’, with layers of electronica, synthpop and space rock that had the out-of-the-world qualities of Muse.

Overall, the band delivered a solid live performance that delivered a modern electronic twist to retro tunes with heavy Cantopop influences. At the end of the night, the band even offered free CDs to those who would like their Facebook page. You go Electricious!
— Karen Cheung

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