Feel of All

Live review from Heavy #16

1. 爽棍星期幾
2. 只因有你
3. 沒有青春的日子
4. 逆時針
5. 玩到夠

The first act of a Heavy night has to set the right tone, and Fotan’s Feel of All did just that with a speedy string of emo pop-punk songs, which dipped a toe into heavier sounds. Drummer Fatlung Wong was the star of the show, his tub-thumping magnetism amplified by the perma-grin on his face. Singer and guitarist Skate On was a charismatic frontman, but spent a little too long talking in between songs.

逆時針 was the strongest song of the set, a pacy number drenched with “coming-home-after-a-long-trip” optimism. Channelling an upbeat pop-punk sound akin to Blink 182, New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday and Wheatus, Feel of All gave a dose of early noughties nostalgia while lighting a promising signal fire for the Canto scene.

The sing-song delivery and accelerating guitar of 沒有青春的日子 was reminiscent of early Brand New, while the high-school confessional slant of Yellowcard could be heard in 逆時針’s pop stylings After a neat bassline, last song 玩到夠 roared to life with fuzzed-out guitars, galloping drumroll, and hollered lyrics. Overall, Feel of All dropkicked Heavy 16 into consciousness with a string of fairly generic but well-executed songs, carried by tight instrumentation and an infectious attitude.

– El Jay



如果本地殿堂級饒舌組合LMF要變成一隊龐克的樂隊的話,他們可能會選擇變成Feel of All。這隊來自火炭的四人組合風格和題材極為「貼地」,當晚表演的五首歌當中,沒有一首不是表達出香港人天天做奴隸式工作的無奈。Feel of All早於2007年已出道,玩音樂玩了差不多十年,但其實只不過是第一次到蘭桂坊這麼「離地」的地方表演。

表面上,他們的風格像似2000年代中葉的美國流行龐克:歌曲節奏快,結他手Wa Choi用盡調了drop-D的 power chords,實而不華,主音Skate On的聲線帶有些微中學生辛酸訴苦的味道,唱時也好像不太理會有沒有走音。實際上,他們的音樂也飽受hardcore的影響,例如結尾的一首「玩到夠」–––一首講述「打手槍」的歌–––就是低音結他Tat Ho和鼓手Fatlung Wong的表演時間,也是全場的精華。精簡地玩了五首短歌後,他們就迅速離場,令人聯想起四十年前龐克先驅Ramones的表演風格:二十分鐘內玩二十首歌,然後即「撇」。這是一場正宗的龐克表演。

– Elson Tong

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