FiFiTwo (Taiwan)

u74048.JPGLive Review from Underground 74:
Just before this next act came on, there seemed to be a noticeable increase of the male population congregating in front of the stage. Was there free booze? No sir, it was due to the arrival of FIFITWO, Taiwan’s very own, all girl ,“happy rock” band. What exactly is happy rock? It’s a little difficult to describe. If you think about the song “If I had words” sung by the three mice from the movie Babe. Ask Blink 182 to teach them a punk rock version. Then give them ecstasy, thats happy rock, and happy rock is what FIFITWO play. Joly Kate and Sherry are all wearing bunny ears and you can’t help but go “aww aren’t they cute, I just want to take them home” But not in the naughty way. In the way the fab five get excited about venetian blinds. I have to admit, I thought the act were going to be purely eye candy , with songs consisting of repeatedly thrashing out three power chords. However once you shake the initial Josie and the Pussycats comparisson, you realise that , shit, they actually play music. Music with great hooks, tight harmonies and songs that go through different sounding sections. They also instantly own the stage. They could take the easy route and stand their looking pretty , but no they rock out, they jump around and they interact with the crowd. It’s no wonder they have won various awards and competitions in their hometown.

Tim – Hong Kong Independent Music Blog

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Performances by FiFiTwo (Taiwan):