IMG_0585.JPG 1. Justice
2. 1st rule
3. Train
4. This is what I want
5. Stand strong
6. Steadfast
7. Palisade (cover)

It was a night of loud bands, but none as noisy as FightxClub. The hardcore quartet drove their genre to its limits with seven abrasive songs. Channelling aggressive acts like Hatebreed and Terror, the band were the only act of the night to incite moshing.

The delivery style of frontman “The Fight” used cracked vocal yelps interspersed with belching growls, in a similar vein as Suicide Silence on songs like Train. His voice grew to anguished screams on This Is All I Want, over fast, pulsing bass and a simple metal riff. The drummer hammered his snare as cymbals rang out, before guitarist The Means broke into a rapid, finger-tapped solo in a metalcore breakdown. Stand Strong channelled Funeral for a Friend’s She Drove Me to Daytime Television in hoarse yells and punk-inspired guitar. All members jumped around and headbanged to some heavy rhythm: the bass was tuned so low that the slack strings bobbled and gurgled. 

Brutalist drums, grunting bass, furious barks and guitar revving like a muscle car defined Steadfast. The Fight started a chant of “fight fight fight”, encouraging further violence, before indulging in some pretty pop punk “woahhhs” to get everyone singing. Final song Palisade began with what sounded like metal’s answer to Blondie’s Call Me on the guitar. The high-song signed off a lean, mean, testosterone-fuelled set, confirming the irreverent FightxClub as a force to be reckoned with on the Hong Kong hardcore scene.

– El Jay


FightxClub玩得最精彩嘅一首歌,無疑係改編自荔枝王嘅「Stand Strong」,可想而知呢隊老牌樂隊對香港獨立音樂嘅影響力有幾大。呢首歌非常適合現場表演,鼓手以片刻停頓操控觀眾嘅情緒,主音一開始獨自一個吶喊,然後係成隊樂隊突來嘅爆發,前排嘅觀眾,全程都跟住拍子跳。四人喺一片「We want more! 」嘅呼聲下,玩咗歇斯底里嘅七首歌。
– Elson Tong

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