Fluorescent Hearts (UK)

Live review from Fluorescent Hearts live in Hong Kong:


IMG_8041.JPG1. Gasoline
2. Give Me Your Love
3. Guide You Home
4. Anthem of the Heart
5. To The Moon And Back (Savage Garden Cover)
6. Where I Belong
7. Butterfly
8. Tell Her You Love Her
+ 2 encore Performances

Midway through the set, lead singer Chris introduced the band as “Four simpletons from Glasgow, Scotland”. But far from simple, Fluorescent Hearts absolutely DELIVERED for their first ever Asian show at Bisous, Hong Kong. In the moments leading up to the show, a buzzing audience were keen for them to take the stage. As soon as they did, the crowd was fully engaged and the band’s brilliant onstage energy electrified the room.

Fluorescent Hearts’ sound is a captivating brand of pop rock that’s powerful, passion-filled and cathartic. The first bars of their opening song Gasoline reminded me of the soundtrack intro to an epic scene in a movie, which is fitting seeing as the band does a fantastic job of building up momentum in their songs and taking the audience on a journey.

My two personal favourite performances were Guide You Home, which had a rocking mix of momentum, rhythm and drama, andButterfly, a more delicate blend of guitar riffs, a milder drumbeat and an absolutely infectious vocal melody. In this latter song, Chris made excellent use of his vocal range.

It wasn’t difficult to sense the utter enthusiasm of drummer Gary who seemed to be playing wholeheartedly with his entire being making someone in the crowd yell out “Who’s the drummer? He’s awesome!!!”

In fact, what’s for sure is that the members of Fluorescent Hearts put their all into the show. The excitement of being on stage and perhaps playing in Asia for the first time was obvious. It had the energetic bassist Andy bounding around the stage as he delivered solid bass lines, and had guitarist Martyn fully immersed in his playing. Frontman Chris had great stage presence and took the time to make the crowd laugh with a sarcastic sense of humour.

With chants of “One more song!” later pushing to “Five more songs!”, The crowd were able to squeeze two encore performances out of the band. They obviously couldn’t get enough!

– Natalia Bodomo

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Performances by Fluorescent Hearts (UK):