Flying Daggers

Live review from 16th Anniversary Party:

1- Goodbye Blue Monday
2- Children of Atomic Bomb
3- But I am Always Worried
4- Alexander the Great
5- Blind + Rats
6- The Sanctuary of Lost Souls

The Underground’s 16th anniversary bash was hitting a peak when Flying Daggers took to the stage, exploding into their set with driving, optimistic rock that recalled Queens of the Stone Age. A slickly executed set, notable for its texture and depth, was held up in large part by strong guitar sections. But what would you expect when Vincenzo Nardelli (Wan Chai Warriors) is the man on the strings. Slightly muffled vocals from Sam Sucheki took the shine off certain songs—as it did for headliners ARKM—and at times he didn’t seem quite sure of the strength of his projection. His baritone brought to mind some of post-punk’s most prominent voices, such as Ian Curtis of Matt Flegel.

Some of the more rhythmic segments had a mesmerically motorik feel, playing with the audience’s expectations with ambiguous endings and interesting diversions. The final song was very Franz Ferdinand in its angular melodies and debonair vocals that hid a simmering anger. A firecracker solo was just what the performance needed for its finale—and ensured that Flying Daggers pierced into the memories of all in attendance and established them as a band of great promise.
– El Jay
Flying Daggers EP Man is Man’s Worst Enemy is available to listen/download at Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp

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Performances by Flying Daggers: