Four Quarters

IMG_7342.JPG Live review from The Underground “Back to its Roots” Festival Part 1:

1. Angels
2. Rita
3. Flying at Tree level (Brand New cover)
4. Annabelle
5. Paris
6. You won’t Know (Brand New cover)

Pop Punk quartet Four Quarters opened with a loud punk track “Angels”, a Fall Out Boy-esque song with Alt Punk influences including guitar harmonic hooks and double pedal drum beats. A nifty solo earns cheering from the crowd, making sure to show that they mean business. The second song “Rita” featured a catchy vocal melody, raw sounds from the guitar lead, a warm rhythm sound and a punky finish. After a quick tune up Four Quarters surprised me with a cover of Brand New’s “Flying at Tree Level”, featuring strong stabby crunchy guitars and alternating vocals from the guitarists, harmonizing the instruments impressively. The fourth song “Annabelle” had a swinging vibe to it, the guitars chugging some crunchy palm mutes to a hypnotic rhythm.

The fifth song “Paris” featured a ballad type intro, using washy guitar sounds and a natural sounding rhythm to it. The band ended with another Brand New cover, “You Won’t Know”, a song with angsty vocals, melancholic sounding guitar and splashy drums. Fans were moving and dancing about to this song, cheering them on and getting into the mood. A catchy punk interlude goes into a gut-wrenching solo, fading into a slow, clean section and building up into a full blown distorted punk pounding. An angsty end to the set from an angsty band, Four Quarters served as the perfect gateway band to the heavier section of the night.
– Sherman Leung

IMG_9725.JPG Live Review from True to This:

1. Tiffany
2. Angels
3. Rita
4. Annabelle
5. You Won’t Know (cover of Brand New)

在True To This 的第二炮, 迎來了年青的Four Quarters, 他們的開場曲<Tiffany>用較簡單的Power Rock向觀眾展現了他們的年青。但之後的歌曲卻表示他們的搖滾音樂不只是年青的Power Rock。<Rita>既雜亂又有清晰的文路。在快速兼沙啞拆聲吉他和貝斯節奏下, 主音結他手Harmeet Bhatia清脆的結他Melody給了聽眾一個很好的關注點。主音Zubia Issac的唱腔亦有其特色, 隨意之餘又帶控訴的情緒, 有時候甚至有Robert Smith的影子。最後Cover Brand New的<You Won’t Know>, 全樂團在快慢節奏的轉捩點都拿捏得恰到好處, 順滑地變調, 同時亦帶動了全場氣氛。
– Dicky Kwong

It’s fitting that Four Quarters have named their upcoming EP “Songs About Girls” – real or not; ‘Tiffany,’ ‘Rita’ and ‘Annabelle’ are all name-checked in a string of searingly confessional post-hardcore songs.

Four Quarters attack their set with a fist-balling aggression that has fists pumping and fans fighting. The smart lyricism and shrewd emotional observance of modern emo bands La Dispute and The Front Bottoms is felt throughout lead singer and guitarist Zubin Isaac’s astute verses, but there’s no space left for the same down-tempo style in the music, which is relentlessly heavy and charged with scorn, indignation, angst and passion.

It’s an angry onslaught, but bassist Andrew Shearer and drummer Aaron de Guzman’s meticulous rhythms pulse beneath clean-cut guitars without distortion – a testament to Hang Out’s superior sound techs. Opener ‘Angels’ has the same tragedy and choked-up heartbreak as ‘The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows,’, so it’s fitting that the quartet would choose Brand New’s gut-wrenching ‘You Won’t Know’ to close.

The Pansies Miggy de Leon steps on stage to play guitar for Isaacs, to allow the lead singer to unleash an incandescent vocal performance. Hairs stand on end as Isaac screams with greater intensity than Jesse Lacey and all three guitars swoop in on the blistering finale.
– El Jay

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