Live Review from Underground 58:

    1. The first day I believe there’s an angel
    2. venus
    3. the smog
    4. eclipses

With dreamy crystalline guitar and hazy vocals, their songs frequently crescendo from a gentle start to a rich full wall of sound. Looking the shoegazing part, there’s zilch movement from the band on stage with barely even a cymbal moving. Completely devoid of a plain ol’ happy kind of singing, vocals were instead crooned and hummed into existence with the same seriousness a Tibetan monk would adopt in meditative prayer.
Really nice narcotic, melodic trippy sounds, with some discordant keyboards at times to stop you being completely soothed into a stupor.
I’m not sure their own description on the Underground 58 flyer is all that accurate. They’ve written that they are ‘depressingly charming’ (*snerk*) – it sounds a bit like a disguised insult, like when your school teacher wrote in your report card that you’re ‘reliable and you try hard’. It basically means you have no personality and have nothing going for you. This band has lots going for them, so let’s alter ‘depressingly charming’ to ‘lusciously woozy’. All the Underground crew, Manek the photographer and Calvin, Chris B’s right hand man, were yawning, suitably anaesthetized, under their masterful Novocaine effect.
Isobel S. Saunders

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