Live review from 19th Anniversary Party:

No H4te
Flow Game

Twenty-one-year-old identical twin brothers Fxith and Hxpe, pronounced “faith” and “hope”, take to the stage with Bjorn manning the laptop for their self-produced background tracks. Despite one of the brothers feeling unwell, they put on a short but punchy set that showcased their gritty charm, likely to appeal to fans of the genre.

The group opens the set with the song No H4te; the repetitive use of phrases like “yeah, yeah” and “whoa” may come across as lazy or uninspired to some listeners, but the brothers’ rapid-fire delivery and streetwise slang give the lyrics a certain edge that is hard to ignore. The frequent drug references feel a bit gratuitous at times, and despite a somewhat incoherent structure, the music has a hypnotic rhythm and catchy chorus that get heads nodding and feet tapping.

The lyrics of “Eurasian” explore the brothers’ mixed heritage and how they navigate the world as “colourasian” individuals. Lines like “Her boyfriend talking colours/won’t we really be the same?” showcase their unapologetic approach to their identity.

Overall, “Eurasian” is a standout track that exemplifies FxithXhxpe’s unique style and perspective. With their blend of trap beats and unconventional lyrics, the duo is pushing the boundaries of what modern rap can be. FxithxHxpe are definitely a duo to keep an eye on as they continue to develop their sound and style in the future.
– Rosie Chan

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Performances by Fxithxhxpe: