Live Review from Underground 20:
There’s a heady rush of expectation as Garoupa take to the stage. Garoupa have that psychedelia sound in a peculiar English way. From one song by Garoupa which sounds like an early Pretty Things at their most whimsical to “Where’s Daddy Gone” refrain which haunts me for inexplicable reasons… The audience are up and dancing. This is hard for me to write now as I’m up and having a good time carried away by the music and the brilliant atmosphere. Their encore had beautiful Hendrix wahwah (Midnight Lamp) meets Beatles (Come Together) and yes we begged for even more.
Nick Lovatt


Live Review from Underground 10:
Attracting their Lamma fans, Garoupa are punky folk or is it folky punk?! I’ve seen them on Lamma many times as well as at Rockit last year – always enjoy their music. Now a five piece, their melodies are even stronger. Alex’s facial expression catches the eye. As Danny Levine said “Garoupa remind me of my Grateful Dead days”….
Nick Lovatt
I love this band..not just because they let us use their PA (and I stole mics/cables for our show at the edge..maybe I should’ve asked first….thanks guys). The onstage energy is toe tapping contagious. Great songs, great performance. The drummer, Magnus, is very musical. He uses his cymbals very well and moves around his kit with incredible ease.
Justin Bahl

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Performances by Garoupa: