Granlund, Garnier and Murray (Macau)


Live Review from Macau Underground 5:

For a band making it’s debut, Granlund, Garnier and Murry certainly brought a large fan club, but this is probably not surprising as both Victor and Ray are well known in the local music community. Victor, after all, is the regular sound guy for Underground Macau (Full Disclosure!). This in itself lead to technical difficulties, as Victor ran back and forth to correct sound on the mixing desk, always with the perfectionist’s ear. Once the sound was sorted out, however, the music took it’s own journey, lead by Ray’s Monty Pythonesque chant “And now for something completely different”. The music bounced from ambient electronica, to old school blues, to 70’s fusion ala King Crimson or John McLaughlin, with each song pushing setting off for the hills and taking the appreciative audience with it.

Now if only we could clone Victor so he could be in two places at once.

the FU

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Performances by Granlund, Garnier and Murray (Macau):