U87-5090.JPGLive Review from Underground 87:


  1. Choking
  2. Life Out
  3. Untitled
  4. Halation
  5. Paradissm
  6. Playback

Halcyon has the potential to develop into a sophisticated Indie Rock/Shoegazing quartet with hints of Japanese Indie Rock and Trip-Hop. What constitutes this first impression of them is, first and foremost, the guitar sound and the song arrangement. Although the former still remains subtle and not elaborate enough to take full advantage of the delicate song structures, it has the capability, by adding more effects, to unfurl a world of intensely explosive and experimental noises. (To Halcyon: if you guys get to see this, do check out in particular Tongue Tied and Cemented Shoes by a British band called My Vitriol. The whole “Finelines” album is legit!)

Another notable quality of the band is that the melodic guitar riffs and bass lines emit traces of bands like Nature Living and When the Leaf Seared. They both act as a great accompaniment (or contrast perhaps) to the frontman’s nonchalant, cold vocal timbre – the darker version of Brian Molko. The piano in Playback is what I like most about this band. Not only does it provide an array of harmonic chords that broaden the richness of the song, the Trip-Hop-like solo carries considerable weight in conveying a solitary experience. Superb!


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Performances by Halcyon: