Insects Wake 驚蟄

UDG00372 (1).JPG Live review from Underground Heavy #20

1. Black Curtain
2. Black Flame
3. Inferno World
4. Shogun
5. Erosion

Little could have prepared the Heavy 20 crowd for the deliciously evil ambush of melodic death metal outfit Insects Wake 驚蟄 – even their soundcheck practically blew the PA. Curtain-raiser Black Curtain brought a stomping onslaught from outset, crowned by a rowdy solo from guitarist Sang. Here was a line-up of musicians that just worked.

Singer Ying proved a sheer force to be reckoned with, commanding the room with dark glowers and darker vocal techniques. Lister’s chattering bass rumbles met Ying’s crisp growls and screams for Black Flame, during which guitarist Sang’s instrument stopped working. While a technician jumped on stage to help, the band carried on, with barely any let up in intensity. After a few minutes the guitar was back, albeit temporarily muffled and distorted.

After a slick finger-tapped intro, Sang rose like a phoenix for Inferno World, a truly wicked and doom-filled track enhanced by strobe lighting. Sang slayed a solo while guitarist Fish leaped into crowd to encourage moshing. Drummer Adrian left barely any space between beats, ensuring all eardrums in the room received a relentless pummelling.

Insects Wake 驚蟄’s live show reached its finale with Shogun and Erosion, featuring putrid, bubbling riffs, machine gun riffing, twisted screams of fury and spooky incantations combining to produce stunning metal theatre. Technical niggles aside – with exacting musicianship and undeniable presence from all members, Insects Wake brought one of the most well-oiled and compelling performances seen at The Underground this year.
El Jay

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