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IMG_6794.JPGLive Review fromUnderground Electronica #2:

(Continuous Set)

Jan Linton (for reasons as yet unknown) decided to arrive so late that one would think he was at the pinnacle of the fashion world. But, despite rubbing me (and the other waiting people) the wrong way before he even began I have to say that his set was good. He began with almost prayer-like music with him speaking over it. There were many cats-being-strangled kind of sounds that followed set to hip-hop beats. He then moved into a Daft Punk-like shiny-happy bit, which had more screeching sounds. I’m not sure if one could reasonably describe his style as “anything punk”, though it is vaguely post-hardcore, especially because the combination of strange sounds and a constant, normal-sounding voice was reminiscent of Big Black. There was some almost-Calypso sounds, with some very heavy and distorted bass to contrast. At one point, commendably, the sequenced drums were almost like those that a real rock drummer would play (with lost of ride cymbal to boot) which, when set against the irrepressibly electronic electropop sound was really cool. Even more innovative was the way he went on to combine funky-hip-hop melodies with a beat poetry feel – which felt (though didn’t necessarily sound) like Talking Heads. The 90s Fresh Prince type hip-hop continued, and blended into a more Suicide-like sound – the tortured Phil Spector girl-group melodies with the deliberately simple beats. Plus, he actually sang in tune, unlike Alan Vega, so that was cool too.

However, he really didn’t know when to end, and went on for waaaaaayyy longer than I could take. So, I cleared off after this point, feeling pleasantly saturated by electronic music. Surprisingly, I was kept interested throughout the show and impressed by the variety of sounds we had. A good night, after all.

— Shashwati Kala

Jan LintonUnderground Electronica #2的壓軸演出樂隊,是一隊來自日本的Ambient punk樂隊。他們的音樂很有節奏感及爆炸力,什有氣勢,會令人不禁隨歌起舞。而最特別之處在於Jan Linton演奏富有強烈節奏的音樂下,以一種悠悠然、溫厚的歌聲演唱著,像在混沌的現世中仍能處之泰然的感覺,在一種不協調的節奏中尋找一種和諧感。

— Eva Leung

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