Jane Eliz (Australia)


Live Review from Underground 46:
A mellow start to the evening in the form of Jane Eliz. She has an excellent and distinctive voice with a little edge to it and her guitar playing is tight, as you might expect from someone who does this sort of thing professionally. The first couple of songs dealt with the ever-fertile theme of broken and failing relationships and the message was clearly “leave me alone, you loser”. The third song was aptly entitled “All alone”. After that she dug into the past a bit, and came up with a couple more up-tempo numbers, including “Misty Lands” which you can listen to on her
website. She kept the best track until last, and went out on a high.
In short it was pretty much what you might expect from a girl toting an acoustic guitar. At times it got a bit samey, and I’d have liked to hear more variation in the strumming, or maybe a couple of numbers done through an electric guitar or effects pedals to vary and colour the sound a little. However nothing to really complain about.

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Performances by Jane Eliz (Australia):