Janette Slack

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Live review from Electronica 3:

1. Intro – Welcome to the Garden
2. Slave to the System
3. Girl in Black
4. Kut Me Sum
5. You Can’t Stop This
6. It’s On You
7. Take It
8. Never Enough
9. Red Ramona
10. Around the Block
11. Towards the Sun
12. Victim of Love (with Parliament-Funkadelic)

With razor sharp, incredibly layered production, superstar DJ Janette Slack got plenty of punters dancing during her set – an impressive feat for an opening act. Pounding industrial beats evoked London’s Torture Garden club, where Slack cut her teeth, while a pulsing 90s house undercurrent ensured there were no stationary limbs in the house. The sound balance was perfect as Slack bopped her way through some of her most well-known tracks, including Girl in Black and Kut Me Sum, blended into a seamless 30 minute DJ set that wove colourful samples with guest vocal melodies
One of the highlights was Victim of Love, a collaboration between Slack and the legendary Parliament-Funkadelic, who met after Clockenflap festival in 2016, and ended up creating music together. The as-yet-unreleased beats combined Slack’s signature driving rhythms with undulating funk bass and soaring, soulful vocals. Though her set would have perhaps been better suited to the closing slot, Slack raised the temperature in the room right from the get-go, elevating the crowd’s spirit for the rest of the evening.
– El Jay

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Performances by Janette Slack: