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u74109.JPGLive Review from Underground 74:

Last but by god not least, was the Jeff Caylor Band. Now I have not seen Jeff Caylor or his band perform before, but have been floating around his various spaces on the inter web, and have learned that the dude has his act together. A good web page, good media, and from the turnout that was buzzing behind me at my location on the cool kids table (the Underground crew) Mr Caylor has a good little fan base in tow. As soon as these guys stepped into the melting pot, they oozed confidence and as we would eventually learn, this was not at all misplaced. Jeff Caylor’s band consists of himself as the lead singer and pianist, an acoustic guitarist who helps out with the harmonies, a bassist and a drummer. After a quick set up and introduction from Chris B, Caylor counted in the band to their 6 song attention grabbing set. Honestly, Caylor’s sound could hardly be called unique, you can instantly draw transparent similarities to John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson and Daniel Powter. But here’s the thing, it’s a formula that has been proven to work. I guarantee even the most devoted Eve of Sin fan will have at least been in the vicinity whilst a song from those guys has been played. It’s also good music. It gets the feet tapping before the head realises it, and usually the songs themselves are tales of interesting events or emotions.
The four that are the Jeff Caylor Band, come across as extremely rehearsed. I know at these gigs, the last two bands are usually the more established or experienced. However on this night it felt as if we were at a Jeff Caylor Band’s concert, with very good opening and support acts. Again I feel I have to take my beanie off to the sound engineer, who had the levels for the band spot on. The JCB had the UGoers requesting an encore. Sadly though , due to the house band needing to get on, it was permission denied. Never mind though, as I’m sure it won’t be the last time we see the Jeff Caylor Band.
Tim – Hong Kong Independent Music Blog

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Performances by Jeff Caylor: