u74027.JPGLive Review from Underground 74:
four piece funk band led by Cherry, who’s voice is a match made in heaven for the band. To me, if Blondie and Shiny Toy Guns had a love child and then beat the electronica out of it, the result would be Karat. The band immediately have all eyes on them as soon as they take to the stage. This is because the instrumentalists are all wearing afros and red ties. I’m not usually a fan of bands in uniform, but these guys pulled it off well. After being happy with their levels, and an introduction from Chris B, the band busted out their dancy intro and started their grooving before the vocalist in her blue wig jumped onto the stage from the crowd and greeted the audience, who showed their love for Karat. Nothing like a good entrance to start off a set. Karat proceeded to play a 6 song set full of funky beats that just make you want to shake your thang on the dance floor. Fear not reader, I had only one Asahi by this point, so there was no embarrassing acts of “dancing” from yours truly. On the fourth song, aka “a moody song” Cherry tells us. Karat show that they are not just a one trick pony and play a slower tempo number. Aka the token slow song. Its during this song that Cherry demonstrates her abilities as a singer , going through various runs and taking us on a trip through her range. Like most bands, Karat saved their best song for last, and man dad I like this one. It starts off funky like most of their other songs, but come the bridge they break into a half tempo dub rhythm (who doesn’t like reggae beats?) before returning to the normal speed, ooh and a guitar solo! Quick kudos to the guitarist here, great tone and riffs dude! Just before Karat walked off stage, the singer informed the audience “We’re Karat, remember us” Don’t worry guys and gal, I’m sure they will.
Tim – Hong Kong Independent Music Blog




Live Review from Underground 47:
Wigs and wah-wah were a winning combination for Karat. Making no secret of their funky leanings, bass, guitar and drums were played by funky afro wigged boys in matching black outfits and white All-Stars. Strangely, singer Cherry looked as if she’d just come from the office. Doubly so, since Underground was on a Saturday.

Opening song Escape from Reality set a clear agenda. Funky bass slapping and popping like a thing possessed, with the guitarist making liberal and welcome (and funky) use of the wah-wah pedal. Just a few sips of Vita lemon tea seemed to be all that Cherry needed to belt out a funky and engaging delivery. As second song Friday Night got underway, it became clear that Cherry can hold a tune and hit a note. Which is just as well, because Karat’s lyrics are entirely forgettable. I was hoping for quirky, modern day parables about love on the MTR, air quality and red-chip equity markets, but instead we had to make do with “give me soul”. Still, good fun nonetheless.Cherry promised us the third song was crazed up and she wasn’t wrong, with the band beginning to enjoy themselves, and the crowd beginning to dance. More wah-wah beyond the call of any imaginable duty, more funky moves from Cherry and more banal lyrics going into the fourth song Deep in my Heart (“deep in my soul…” You get the picture).

Closer Daydreaming my Office gave the Underground a final slug of irrational – and funky – exuberance, and Karat earned their enthusiastic applause. Did I mention they were funky? Actually, they’re not quite as funky as they’d like to think, but still, Karat get an A for effort. Swing out, sister.
Paul M.


Live Review from Underground 44:
The only band at U44 with an ‘entrance’ donning afro wigs and the cute female singer
with her blue wig – she’s got great vocals! Reminds me of a japanese porno movie with
schoolgirls – oh wait maybe thats the beer talking. Singer should have kept the wig on,
she looked too normal once she took it off…. Musically very very funky with shades
of Bee Gees. Karat are reviving 80s music! Possibly too funky for funk’s sake!
Mark Emerson

Karat: Funky Beat + 美女主音 + 爆炸頭造型 = 必勝。他們演出時,看見有很多人拿著相機來拍攝短片,令我想起一些狗公影會活動的情況。另外,若果女主音能夠大聲一點的話就更完美了
Dan Lai

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