Kisses from my Grandpa

U98_142.JPGLive Review from Underground 98:
For their first time playing with The Underground, I must say these guys blew me away with their music. They were the first instrumental band to play at the Underground and each one of them is such a talented musician. During their sound check, they didn’t give much of their talent away. The first thing I noticed about them was the lead guitarist’s pedal board. I am not joking when I say it was HUGE; practically the size of my suitcase (width wise).Their first song had a very eerie and dark sound to it. The way the riffs flowed and blended together with the different effects was very cool. And it was really interesting to see them make that kind of death metal/progressive rock/post rock kind of music on stage, with no backing tracks whatsoever. The way they transitioned from a more mellow sound to a heavier metal sound within songs was very interesting and kept the audience in awe. Their synchronized head banging and crowd interaction was entertaining and made their performance enjoyable to watch.

Between their second and third song, their drummer came up and introduced the band. He showed the bands humorous side and interacted with the crowd well. Their melodic riffs and insane guitar solos kept me glued to them throughout their set. They reminded me of Dream Theatre and Explosions in the Sky, a mixture of progressive rock and post rock. They are such a talented group that I can only expect more AWESOME from them in the future.
Kyra Santiago

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