Kowloon City Strike Force



Live Review from Underground 77:
A relative new band making its Underground debut, this 4 piece band opened Underground 77 with a set of moody melodic guitar rock tunes that somewhat resembled the Strokes. The songs were generally well crafted, the two guitar parts were particularly pleasant. However, the band’s inexperience showed through – they were probably somewhat nervous and that translated to uncertainty in parts. The vocalist could perhaps pay a little attention to his delivery given that he has quite a ‘drony’ voice and the songs could probably benefit from a bit more vocal dynamism and dare I say, clever use of vocal effects. To sum up, as the band gains more musical and performance experience, Kowloon City Strike Force has the potential of becoming a highly entertaining band.

“KCSF is thankful for the chance to be a part of The Underground. We know that just a few years ago, an upstart indie band like us would have little support and few opportunities to play. We appreciate the hard work of all those that worked so hard to make HK a place that indie bands could play. We are proud we had the chance to be a part of the Underground tradition!” quote from Michael

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Performances by Kowloon City Strike Force: