u67115.JPGLive Review from Underground 67:

The usual (also cruel) fact about live shows in HK is that there are fewer and fewer people staying when the last slots are playing, but I think this band set another record: it was the most crowded time when they got onto the stage. They had got friends and fans of course, but didn’t imagine it would be that crowded, according to “The later the fewer” theory. They came up to the stage, saying that they are “facing themselves, and to prove they aren’t wrong”. I didn’t get it, but checking their profile with the slogan saying they “express the dark side of human nature, frankness still holds true the other way round”. Yeah, they were frank enough – with the vocalist apologies without reasons and swearing throughout the performance – and kicked start the very tight set. Heavy, distorted guitar rhythm was of course the essential ingredient of metal, with the versatile vocal to become the perfect recipe. The rhythm section was fantastic – I have always liked double-pedaling kicks – that it built up the tension in the songs, which made you suffocated but were attractive enough to keep you there. Though you would never be able to hear what a screaming vocalist singing about in the songs, but I would commend them to the list of good metal bands.
Erik Piece

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