Lemon Baby

U97_169.JPGLive Review from Underground 97:

1. Sunshine

2. Bicycle

3. Dark Clouds

4. Everything

5. Bad Boy

By this time the place was considerably drained in Poubelle’s aftermath; but those remaining were in various states of pleasant inebriation, which explained the catcalls and hoots that greeted her (…yeah, right.) They may have been more suited to performing in the order originally planned, but it was not to be. Their set was composed of a number of pop-rock songs, with the backing band throwing in signs of a bunch of other influences as well. Singer Victoria did her best to take control of the stage, but it must be said, her singing was far from the quality of the guitars, which deflated her personal act a little. Still, full marks to her for her gusto. There were a lot of ska-derived feel to the songs, especially that of Sunshine and Dark Clouds. The vocals were bouncy and energetic, though they could use a bit more force to them. Everything was the vocal high-point, with the song’s range and milder feel being more appropriate for Victoria’s voice, this being highlighted in the vocal patterns towards the end of the song. There were even shades of Shakira that could be heard on Bad Boy – this was one number that the audience got into as well, bouncing along with the beat. As a nice change of pace, its solo had more of a metal feel, and the vocals worked well with the smooth bassline as well. Eventually, in a flourish of guitar, drums, voice and dance, the set ended to ample cheering – though I think they would’ve gotten more had they come on before Poubelle. Still, they added more fun to what was an immensely enjoyable night, and it would be a while before fatigue (and possible hangovers) would take effect, so it worked out to be pretty much all good.
– Shashwati

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