u67029.JPGLive Review from Underground 67:

From the minute I went into the venue I had had a feeling that it’s going to be an unusual Underground night. I can’t say exactly what it is but perhaps we’ll know later on. The star-crossed writer was soon awoken by Linkup, a 5-piece band with a girl on keys, as they were doing the soundcheck. They have been gigging since last year so there wasn’t any problem drawing up a crowd of audience in front of the stage upon just one request made by the vocalist. Their songs were heavy, in fast tempo, with distorted metal riffs and a taste of emo sounding melodies we expect in the bands of the like. The drummer sounded and looked professional to me and he tried his very best to LINK UP the band in the music sense but somehow they are yet to give me a picture of them playing or interacting as one whole band. It would be even greater if the keyboard could be heard clearly next time – I know it’s not their fault – just a matter of experience compromising between members on their volume level. A short set but sufficiently impressing and satisfying – I finished a bottle of beer and grabbed another one shortly.
Erik Piece

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Performances by LinkUp: