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U-Elec_004.jpgLive Review from Underground electronica:

  • 1. Rap Daddy
  • 2. Migration
  • 3. Mrs. Lee
  • 4. Cross Over
  • 5. Tutoring
  • 6. Oh Yeah

The first ever Electronica show was heralded by huge columns of smoke from the newest addition to Rockschool’s stage area. A very trigger-happy (with the smoke machine’s remote) Chris B called on this one skinny guy, with a guitar that looked like a Les Paul had had body contouring done, amongst the transient artificial fog to unsteadily start his set. After making sure that his DJ (who wasn’t accompanying him on stage) could see him, and vice versa, he started his set, which was curiously laidback despite all of the considerably fast CG-ed drums used. Despite being a very slight figure on stage, he was quite interesting to watch – he had an endearing earnestness, which even made his somewhat cheesy Cantonese spoken word bits decent to listen to.

The (highly, highly effects-ed) guitar he held was purely for embellishment of the sound, as he only used it intermittently to fill in the soundscape. The electronic bit was mostly used to counterpoint the variety of different styles that were factored in to the different songs. Migration featured some very Jane’s Addiction-like guitar against a beat that sounded very much like a Prodigy song. The soundscape was eerily blank, and gave a feeling of transience, a trek across the desert, perhaps. Mrs. Lee was a really funk-oriented, boppy track, that had people swaying their legs and heads, evidently feeling really good. Oh Yeah had, what is in my estimation, a typical corny Canto-pop song, with a surprisingly Hendrixy guitar line, some harmonica, and (even more surprisingly) without getting on peoples’ nerves. It was after this song when, suddenly, his set was over, and there was more smoke to see him off, along with cheers from people who’d clearly enjoyed his set a lot.

– Shashwati

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