Los en Found

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Live Review from Underground 42:

very difficult to categorize, they’re somewhere in the middle of the triangle between rock, punk, and death metal. a lot like some of the modern rock played on seattle college radio stations Very appealing to today’s anarchist, they clearly want to blast some holes in otherwise functional concrete walls. if you’re angry about anything but are generally optimistic and rebellious in character, they’re for you. i can’t quite decide whether they’re more like a spanking or a slap in the face, but it’s ok. brief interludes of death screaming between being stung with rock nettles, most notably “devil’s club”. deeply satisfying if you’ve got a bone to pick with the world in general. they’re more of a determined and forceful type of opposition, rather than punk which doesn’t care if you’re with them or not. Amos

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Performances by Los en Found: