Live Review from Underground 35:

I have been looking forward to seeing these guys play live for while now. Maf2ia are a local band with a name that I’m not 100% sure how to pronounce, and have built up quite a good following. People told me that they have a good guitarist, and I’d like to add that they have a good bassist, vocalist and drummer too! The sound is guitar-driven with a strong and melodic bass line. Although Maf2ia’s tracks are Cantonese, there’s definitely a dash of J-Rock there. I do like Cantonese groups, but the crowd at the Underground are quite international, and I can’t help but think that bands that only sing Cantonese songs need to try to engage with them a little more. The performance was solid, but they need to keep in mind that a little more interaction with the audience can go a long way.

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Performances by Maf2ia: