Matt Tanaka


Live Review from Underground 28:
Disclaimer: I know youngster Matt Tanaka and his dad Lance well, so I must declare a conflict of interest in reviewing the budding singer-songwriter’s show. However, I’ve never seen the multi-instrumentalist step up and sing his own songs before, add to the fact that his impromptu band of his dad on drums and a friend on bass appeared to be an 11th-hour addition to his performance, and for the better. While restricted to just three songs, Matt showed some promising musical maturity with each of his acoustic-pop tunes sporting a different groove, making it hard to pigeonhole his style. Not quirky enough to be Jason Mraz, and not soppy enough to sound like John Mayer, Matt appeared content to do his own thing, and his confidence and natural talent was obvious. Watch out for this kid as he’s bound to improve with age.
Brendan Delfino

Not only does the Underground organization provide great opportunities for Hong Kong musicians, it does so without any prejudice–age, style or experience. I am very thankful for their much needed contribution to the Hong Kong music scene – Matt Tanaka

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Performances by Matt Tanaka: