McKenzie Eddy (USA)

IMG_0028.JPGLive Review from Underground Heavy #3:


1. Whisky Song

2. Close My Eyes

3. Fuck Reality (Let Me Let You Go)

Chris B really brought her two attitude-offspring (Screw, and You) to the show that day, with not one but two acts that don’t quite fit into the mould that the Underground usually uses. But, as no wise man ever said, even the sweetest cakes have salt in them. And just like that meaningless analogy, that night’s guest from the States, McKenzie Eddy’s short but sweet set allowed everyone a change of pace. With a (very impressive) band assembled just a couple of days before, her set was no less enjoyable despite not belonging to any ostensible “heavy” genre. She does have a staggeringly beautiful voice, though, which was the perfect gild for her backing band’s able soft rock stylings. With immense control and deceptively melancholic melodies, her songs were catchy and clearly heartfelt, and her presence calm yet firm. Close My Eyes featured a nearly electronic, elastic riff, while Fuck Reality had a blisteringly impressive solo in it, topped off with intensely hummable lyrics. There were even some funk slap bits cleverly thrown in by the bassist. The best thing that could be said about the set, though, was that it wasn’t one of those times when the audience smiles and applauds politely because there’s nothing else to do; McKenzie Eddy really won them over, and by the time she was clearing off, it was clear that the significant applause was genuine.

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Performances by McKenzie Eddy (USA):