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Live Review from Underground Heavy #15:

1. 頭上的花朵
2. 扭曲視線
3. 尋色相
4. 白色森林
5. 同門生

The news that Mensheng 門生 would be playing at Heavy 15 was greeted with great excitement, as the local rockers were well overdue a slot on an Underground stage. Having been around since 2007, the metalcore rockers are practically vintage on such a transient scene and even made their Underground debut at the first Heavy night in December 2009.

A swift yet abrasive set swung into life with 頭上的花朵 , singer Benny Cheng prowling the stage alternating between mid-weight growls and squeaky shouting. Guitarist KC Wong fired out vicious blasts like gunfire, while a thick rhythm section was held down by bassist Heung Pan drumming determinedly on his E-string. Although his at-times wavering delivery occasionally felt like a parody of a hardcore vocalist, Cheng showed off an impressive range that his mic couldn’t quite contain at times – from the hoarse shouting on 扭曲視線 to the surreal, rather comedic soprano closing of 尋色相. 

The dense fretwork and heavy riffs of 白色森林 evoked the angst-charged might and squawky fury of Architects, Bring Me The Horizon and While She Sleeps. “This is our final song. Let me see your fists!” he roared like Five Finger Death Punch’s Ivan Moody as a sizeable pit opened for 同門生, a gruff monster of doomy drop-tuned riffing, dog bark verses and scattered, violent drumming – topped off with a neat solo. Mensheng 門生won’t let themselves be forgotten again.
– El Jay

U_heavy_1_094.jpgLive Review from Underground Heavy #1:

Another 5 man strong group who are making their Underground debut appearance. I bet they were over the moon when they found out who else was going to be on the bill for their first UG outing. They took to the stage like seasoned veterans, well they have after all been going since 2004. They play a fairly straight forward mix of metal core, complete with all the expected tastes and trimmings. Good guitarists in this band who trade off quirky lead parts which is exciting to watch and hear. These guys have a good front man who is constantly bouncing round the stage and hyping up the crowd. Their songs are long in length and also move around in an interesting fashion. Everyone is completely engaged the whole time, and look to be having a real good time. During the outro stages of their finale, the singer switches from screaming to Thom Yorke trademarked soprano wailing. Which of course was a surprise, a pleasant one, which worked very well and rounded off a good set.
Tim – Hong Kong Independent Music Blog

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