Mental Vehicle


Live Review from Underground 19:
Whole band is wearing shirts with a red star on the chest. Music is Van Halen style guitar (some Steve Vai in there with melodic postpunk riffs and offbeat electronic (with Shave and A Haircut… 2 bits on guitar) Loopy keyboards guy has a cool Ramones style haircut. Their song “The Closest” is very early Roxy Music (except no horns or saxs) meets Echoboy via Beastie Boys and Joe Meek. Their groupies are upfront. Conducting the spirit of Hardpack with their musical mishmash. Six musical directions looking to crash together somewhere…. They are comfortable on stage not as nervous as Rudy Mark. Last track with the guest vocalist from An Id Signal adding some death metal vox, great end to a very interesting set. Definitely worth watching this band – with their non-give-a-fuck-about-professionalism-attitude!
Awarded: “Most Out There Band of Underground 19”
Nick Lovatt

“Chris B, Thank you very much~!!!! we love you!!!”

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