Live review from 20th Anniversary Festival Day 2 星期六

3. 2ND

Like church incense before mass, The Fringe Underground Theatre filled with the smell of Monster Energy, signalling the arrival of Meowmeow and their rabid fandom. There couldn’t be a better drink to symbolise this band: chaotic energy, bright clothing and a set that practically ripped the speakers out the wall. The show signalled the departure of band member Mex, marking a new chapter for the group as well as the crowning performance of The Underground 20 Year Anniversary Festival.

An angry cat noise led into a huge drum ‘n’ bass onslaught of Kill the Monster, which came studded with claps and driven by an electronic backing track. It may sound like the recipe for nausea, but it was weirdly magnetic. Growl-clean-contrasted vocals hyped punters, the most energetic crowd of the night, who pogoed to choruses, started mosh pits and screamed on cue.

The band tipped a hat to the electro-tinged metal of bands Enter Shikari and Linkin Park, but brought something truly unique with more of a hip hop sensibility and showmanship, working the room with heavily mechanised production, anthemic choruses, sharp guitarwork and crushing drums. “Make some noise!” was the order for closer Ashes – and everyone in the room willingly complied.
– El Jay

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Performances by MEØWMEØW: