Mocking Bullet

IMG_2772.JPG Live Review from Sub Terra #3

1. Sing
2. Kerrie
3. Run
4. Stop talking
5. Monk
6. Goldfish
7. The wind

As they take the stage these guys come across as pretty ordinary (OK vocalist/guitarist Eric Chu has something of a pretty boy-Korean drama star look to him, the main girl’s older brother kind of thing, who meets the right girl, takes off his glasses and suddenly – look! He’s hot as well!) but they’re kind of unassuming. And so’s their music, especially the first track “Sing”, which is not much more than a bluesy workout. So far, so what.

But then they switch gears and suddenly become a LOT more interesting, and it’s obvious that first track was more of a sound check. Hopefully. But yes! Next song “Kerrie” is really sweet blues-rock with the two guitars meshing together beautifully.

“Remembering lyrics is the weakest point,” admits singer Eric – but with words (as I caught them) such as: “On my 16th birthday they gave me a plastic bag” I can see why. Surreal and meaningless or sincere, bitter teenage memories, Eric? Hmmm …

On with the show, and with anguished, augmented guitars from other guitarist Jeff Mok, “Run” is a driving tour de force with tons of delicious classic rock influences. Then follows a seven-minute “prog-rock” track as described by singer Eric, in different sections, chock-full of lovely delayed guitar lines, syncopated beats and great drumming and soloing and plenty of surprises. I honestly didn’t want it to end.

Last track “The wind” – “has elements of rockabilly”, says Eric, but given the Mocking Bullet treatment, with a great vocal and guitars, including very creative rhythm work from bassist Jeff Mok and drummer Dave Wong it transcends that genre.

This was quite a show from four understated and unquestionably talented guys. Their Facebook may describe their sound as “rock with a scent of folk and grunge” but most of the crowd here tonight agreed I’m sure that on top of this rather matter of fact statement there’s something a bit special about them.
– Dan Creffield

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