My Stoned Playground


Live Review from Underground 25:
Opening act My Stoned Playground soundcheck noisily. Scratchy beeps and alarms melt into pounding drums, loudish bass and blasts of distorted guitar. The sound is either great or grating, depending on your POV regarding the noise vs melody issue. This also applies to J Fung’s vocals, which are strained, but then, there’s always William Shatner or the Legendary Stardust Cowboy for comparison.
Anyway, My Stoned Playground finish a short set that sounds like Emo remixes of Cooper Temple Clause electronics, merged with Flaming Lips “Yoshimi”-era whimsy and some of the MC5’s more unhinged jazz-rock improv riffs. In some ways, they’re the most “out there” band of the night. In other ways, they’re fuzzy and un-coordinated, but the drummer rocks. Can Do Better, I’m sure.
Nick Lovatt

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Performances by My Stoned Playground: