Never N

u67124.JPGLive Review from Underground 67:
I’d already lost count of how much beer I had drunk, but I started to feel tipsy-turvy. Still I had to hang on there and watch the last band playing. Their professionalism was very conspicuous when they brought their own amps and gears on to the stage – it’s very rare now for HK bands to use their own rigs at shows to ensure the best quality. As a band playing hard rock, you never find it surprising to see them in standard “rock star appearances” – proper black outfit, long hair etc can be summarised into one word: attractive. Again, like most good bands, they have the killer recipe for a good set: the soaring, sexy voice that outshone many vocalists in the night; a very catchy, speedy lead guitar which made the world stop just to listen to him – I would say he was the core of the band who is flawless, and confident enough to deliver the message he gave to the audience; and the very stable rhythm section for the foundation of the music. Everything was so distinct which could be heard clearly, but was integrated as a whole, as if you have your headphones playing their music in stereophonic surround sound. I have to mention their polished vocal harmony is rare in the scene. It means they are somehow trained to make good music arrangements. Very satisfying, but the only thing I would criticise is (surprisingly) their elaborate guitar shredding at the end: a tasty Haagen Daz ice cream is good, but only good with one small scoop. You know what I mean.
Erik Piece

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Performances by Never N: