One Talent

IMG_9481.JPGLive review from Underground 115:
1. A New Place
2. Good Friend of Mine
3. Worth Dying For
4. Slo/Mo
5. Watch The Sky
6. Light

One Talent has traversed several musical styles in their journey from Canada to Hong Kong, and we’re told that this latest incarnation – a folky pop trio performing songs from a largely acoustic EP – will be just another stepping stone. On this night, the lineup was songwriter Konrad on tinsel-festooned keys, singer Bena on cajón, and third wheel Bill on guitar and general backbone.
The downscale, informal setup lent a comfortable living room vibe as the trio broke into A New Place, a lilting, groovy number something like Whitest Boy Alive fronted by a femme folk. Tempo was unsteady, but confidence levels were up. This carried through to the second and third tracks in which the beanie-clad Konrad presented us with his best Jason Mraz impression.
With Slo/Mo and Watch The Sky, affairs took a stylistic turn for the mega-mainstream. Wound-down, emotional introspection suggested the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Beyoncé at their most earnest – rainy days and all that jazz. One Talent then wrapped it all up with a surprisingly happy-clappy closer which confirmed that while their creative and thematic scope may have limits, their enthusiasm does not.
– Brendan Clift

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