Perfect Mind


IMG_5375.JPGLive Review from Underground 89:
Perfect Mind, apart from being made up of such a nice bunch of guys, were a great choice to open this eclectic Underground. It is obvious that they are open to experimentation with their style, and the electronic undertones of their songs made it an interesting experience. As a newly formed band there are obvious things they need to work on, one being the consistency of their songs. The last two songs of the set sounded like they were written by a different band. However this is clearly a result of their willingness to try new things, and I’m sure with more gigs they will be able to find a clearer sound. In all in all as a newly formed band I really feel that with more chances to play in a live venue, they will become even more open to exploiting the electronic side of their music which gives them a unique and interesting edge.
Heather Lowe

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Performances by Perfect Mind: