Pok Guys


Live Review from Underground 5:
Pok Guys. Not being a Cantonese speaker, I had no idea of the significance of the name, until this rather pretty Chinese girl at The Underground whispered in my ear “wanker”. I stared at her, and wondered how she knew one of my innermost secrets. It threw me a little bit, until I realised that she was talking about the Pok Guys’ name. I smiled uneasily at her, and watched the band. I recognised 2 of the members at least from other bands, which is typical of incestuous gweilo hong kong. But their power-pop/rock went down well enough. Guitarist Andrew shared lead vocals with Brendan, each singing their own individual compositions. It became clear that Andrew leans towards the poppier side,whereas Brendan likes his music a bit heavier. The juxtaposition worked well most of the time, although some of their songs did go on a bit. Their encore of a new Green Day song (album out this week) was brilliant. I smiled at the Chinese girl who had called me a wanker. She told me where to go in no uncertain terms. Charming. I left the bar, whistling that Green Day song. I had a kebab, and went home. A good night.
Dan Smith

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Performances by Pok Guys: