Live Review from Underground 82:
Next on stage were the quintet ‘Pork’. Usually when you hear band names, you can sort of try and imagine what kind of music they are gonna play, even if sometimes your guess comes out wrong, you can still play this game. With ‘Pork’ though, I really had no idea what to expect. I suppose in my head, pork is quite an abrasive sounding word, so I was expecting something pretty in your face. Instead what you got was something pretty. A melodic mellow yet intricate fender sound is a good way to describe their music. It’s light where the singers voice portrays many sombre moments and at times its uplifting and joyful. My rain soaked notes remind me of one of ‘Porks’ songs, which start with a bossa nova type beat, to which I want to compliment the rhythm section for. Other things that ‘Pork’ do well, are the vocal relationships throughout singing members of the bands. The harmonies were nearly always spot on, so kudos. As a member of the audience, I would have liked to seen more confidence from the ‘Pork’ ensemble as there were times when the focus in the room left the stage. Maybe they had swine flu? HAHA! No? Fine. Otherwise , a competent set.
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Live Review from Underground 64:

  • 1. Cry
  • 2. In My Mind
  • 3. Creep (Radiohead)
  • 4. Mother Earth
  • 5. Fever

At first glance, the name of this pop rock quartet reminds me of Little Fat Pig, a local pop punk band which released their debut album entitled “Pork Rock” last December. The convictions behind whimsical names often endow the groups with an extra bit of liveliness. As a band influenced by many different genres of music, Pork performs a mid-tempo set that is fairly diversified and fueled with passion. The lead guitarist stands out in the way that he presents a wide range of UK-influenced guitar sounds, ranging from clean, reverberated, slightly psychedelic picking to angst-ridden, crunchy power chord strumming. With more coordination between members and stronger dynamics in song writing, the band will definitely sound much fuller.


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Performances by PORK: