Purple Fruit

IMG_5635 kopia.jpgLive review from Girls with Guitars #1:

This night’s Underground promises to be interesting, as it’s the very first in the “Girls with Guitars” series of gigs. The only requirement for any band to play is to have at least one female member performing either bass or guitar!
The first in the lineup is a band called “pUrpLe fRuit” – formed in the summer of 2009. The band is made up of Bonnie & Sammy on Guitar and Janice on vocals.
An interesting trio, as their aim is to explore the acoustic sound with experimentation.
It became evident that their exploration involved the use of additional electronics, from a vocal processor of some kind in the first number, to a type of pre-set harmony to partner with Janice’s vocals in the second. I was quite impressed with their male guitarist’s rap in the third number.
Overall, their music this evening is acoustic latino-style-Cantopop chill, with a dash of electronics.
Musically, their ideas are unique, but I can’t help but feel they need to play more gigs and perfect their performance. A promising band, my favourite bits of their songs are their experimental parts. A good warm up to the rest of the night.


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Performances by Purple Fruit: