Queen Elephantine


Live Review from Underground 44:
off to a slow but deeply rich start, they’re all about populating the bassline with juicy tidbits of stoner love and fascinating variation to keep you solidly in their groove. and a wonderful groove it is. i thoroughly enjoy every sedimentary syllable they have to utter. they seem to have almost invented the mind of the stoner in all its cannabic glory, an absolutely blissful place to get lost in for an hour or three. not a whole lot of original melody here, but pretty much everything a slowly wandering mind seeks to encounter. they are the abolutely perfect accompaniment to couch-lock, leaving you wanting nothing but another plate of nachos. the band “tool” has a bit more creativity and variation, but queen elephantine is very stiff competition as far as keeping an awesome vibe going goes. i seriously cannot think of any way that they could possibly improve. they’re like floyd without the legacy. truly a stoner’s wet (if a bit cotton mouthy) dream.

Queen Elephantine: 他們除了音樂上的演出,還有Live Art表演。他們的音樂聽起來有點Sludge和Stoner的感覺,是我非常喜歡的類型。而Live Art表演亦正好能夠配合這種音樂,因為與其看著台上幾個人不斷彈奏一些重覆的音樂段落,不如看一些視覺元素比較豐富的表演。但由於Live Art佔用了觀眾的一部份位置,所以觀眾便不能釋放身體,盡情投入很Stone的音樂內,否則便會很容易踐踏到那幅畫
Dan Lai

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