Radio Resurgence

Live review from 20th Anniversary Festival Day 1 星期五:
1. Crystalized
2. Wherever The Wind Blows
3. Desire
4. By My Side
5. Luden’s Call
6. Killing in the Name [Cover]

Rounding up Friday night was the young 5 piece Nepalese band “Radio Resurgence”, who entertained the audience with a very solid set of heavy rock reminiscent of Linkin Park. It was getting close to midnight when they started their set in front of a crowd who by then clearly looked tired, the band performed with so much energy that it spread to the audience, many among them were clearly not the heavy rock type – so, full mark to the stage presence and audience engagement, striking a very good balance between talking and playing music. As an outfit the band played extremely tightly, with interesting guitar hooks being a hallmark of their songs throughout. Vocally, the lead singer was strong, solid and, for what of a better word, heartfelt, the last of which was very well demonstrated in their last song (before the “encore”) Luden’s Call, a song about war. one may have heard of the cliche “now do it once more with feelings”, in this case this was completely unnecessary – I never thought I would describe a rock vocalist as heartfelt singing, but I definitely felt it in this instance.

So overall a very strong set in the areas of technical ability, tightness and entertainment, I hope Radio Resurgence will go places, because otherwise it would be a grave injustice.
– Hazel-Rah

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Performances by Radio Resurgence: