Rancour (Singapore)


Live Review from Underground 33:

I didn’t know what to expect from the next band, RANCOUR, who sounded considerably more scary than they actually were. Right from the outset it was clear that they’d taken time to do a decent soundcheck and the mix was clean and sharp with a crispy bass and a slicing guitar. Sounds more like food than music. The guitarist and bassist swapped singing duty, and sang in a mixture of Bahasa Malay and English. The sound was tight and although it wavered dangerously close to Bryan Adams territory once or twice, they mixed in a few killer riffs and some punky drumming ended up sounding more like Green Day meets Nirvana. Great stuff anyway, and we should make them come back to play at Rockit next year.
(or at another Underground show Zoot! – Ed)

As soon as they burst into song, I felt like I was chasing a train that was almost going faster than I could run, trying desperately to get on. There’s never a dull, slow, or quiet moment when they’re on. They came from Singapore to HK to play, and they simply won’t do this unless they’re really good, which they are. They’re not lacking at all in any area but non-punk, which is not very lacking at all. Some of their songs can really rival Green Day, and I do not say this lightly. They are a very tight, intense, and together punk group with some fabulous stuff that should be a part of any punk enthusiast’s library.
Wally Amos

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