Live Review from Underground 5:
It was always going to be difficult to follow Hard Candy, but Raze did a good job of it. It was their first gig for months, and the lads admitted to a bit of nervousness beforehand. The very first chords however showed where they were coming from, a beautiful lilting melody, and a good catchy song. And that’s where Raze score…their songs are well crafted , and even though sings throughout in Cantonese, they were very accessible to the western ear. Certainly influenced by Beyond, all four band members took their turn at singing, although Jerry took most of the vocals and did a fine job. Bassist Mark made an excellent rhythym section with drummer Barry , and the interchangeable guitars of Jerry and Boris made for a pleasing rock sound. The lads are currently making their debut EP we understand, it should be well worth buying.
Mark Emerson

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Performances by Raze: