Red Rain (New Zealand)


Live Review from Underground 60:
As soon as this band started playing, they made the whole of Club Cixi sit up. This is the difference between HK bands and international bands. Not only great musicians, but they know how to perform and entertain. They created rapport with the audience with words, looks, smiles and action. Their music is more traditional rock with crunchy chords and big drums, somewhat reminiscent of early U2 but it works really well for them and its easy for the audience to dance to. When they announced there are currently on an 8 month world tour with 130 shows on this tour, you cant help but wonder if any of our wonderful HK bands will ever gig that many times in their entire lives… This is what Red Rain does. With AIAIAI being the product sponsor of the evening, Michael (lead vocalist) managed to organise a dancing competition which had the whole club cheering and laughing. What pros. I had not heard any of their songs before watching them and at the end I was so disappointed that they had no CDs for sale (probably the most unpro like thing of them to do!).
Kennie Triad

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Performances by Red Rain (New Zealand):