u74004.JPGLive Review from Underground 74:
Chris B pounced on me just seconds before this band started as the reviewer for Underground 74 was running late – lucky I was there! Resurgent play pure fresh heartfelt Pop with a capital P. They looked nervous, shy and although I didn’t ask them, I bet it was one of their first live performances. The singer was sincere in his soulful delivery of the songs and (yes call me shallow!) his movie-star looks made it easy for me to keep watching this band. They even accomplished harmonies in Mandarin (plus sing in English AND Cantonese – of course not all on the same songs). I really enjoyed the keyboard melodies on their songs. Keep getting more experience Resurgent, as you guys have the potential to make a huge impact on the Hong Kong music scene and build up a huge posse of screaming female fans at your future gigs (and yes I’ll probably be there too!)
Ashley B

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Performances by Resurgent: