Live review from 19th Anniversary Party:

1. Mario
2. LOL
3. 魔物獵人
4. 蜉蝣人
5. 唇舌
6. 門前雪

Following a very energetic and vibrant show by the festive Le Electrogene Fanfare Club, Revery introduces themselves on stage clad in The Underground 19th Anniversary t-shirts, the lead singer announcing that it’s the first time in four months since they played together on the stage. Given some encouragement with the crowd, the band launched into their first song “Mario”, A song with smooth vibes that got the crowd chilling along to confident and strong sounding vocals, and a star studded, reverb drenched guitar solo. Revery got the crowd grooving along to the song, with dancing breaking out as the song goes into full swing.

For the next song “LOL” introduced by some funky guitar work, the crowd was very into the relaxing atmosphere the song provided. Continuing on from the gaming theme they have going on their next song “魔物獵人”, written around their experiences playing Monster Hunter together, also had a very nice and chill laid back vibe, with a few fans at the front getting very into it and grooving along to the soulful and jazzy melody. The next song “蜉蝣人” featured a complex guitar intro and groovy bass lines. With the lead singer putting in some crowd work during the bridge, there were many hollers from the crowd, moving with the beat and getting stuck into the groove.

After an energetic boogie, Revery stuck in an impromptu song “花時間”, a chill song giving the crowd a breather from the dancing, not before building up the energy towards the end of the song and working the crowd, getting them dancing again. Their last song “門前雪” was very fitting for the end of their set, a noticeably much heavier song that reminded me a bit of HK Post Hardcore band Instinct of Sight, littered with gang vocals and chants. You could tell a lot of crowd members were looking forward to this song, many raising metal horns and moshing along, and a few fans at the front singing their hearts out.

Revery delivered a very well-rehearsed and tight set, the experience of each of the musicians could be seen throughout the show, with the guitarist putting out complex and well thought out licks, the lead singer pouring his heart out, the bassist’s groovy lines carrying the songs like a smooth sailing ship, and the drummer doing amazing work bringing the energy of the song up and down.
– Sherman Leung

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