Revolution (意大利/中國 Italy/China)

final190.JPGLive review from Uncovered: Not your usual cover bands 原創翻唱音樂會:

1. Heroes
2. Rain
3. All Right Now
4. Word Up
5. What A Wonderful World
6. My Sharona
7. Where The Street Have No Name
8. Keep On Rocking In The Free World
9. Are You Gonna Be My Girl
10. We Are An American Band
11. Shout
12. Smell Like Teen Spirit
Encores: Alive & 飞地更高 fei de geng gao (汪峰 Wang Feng)

Revolution 由四位現居東莞, 剛陽味十足的意大利男仕組成, 主音全程戴上黑超, 外型有點似U2的Bono, 不知是否這原因, 他們亦有翻唱U2的Where The Street Have No Name.

他們是當晚原創翻唱音樂會的壓軸表演樂隊。可能因為之前的三隊樂隊都有超時, 所以他們開始表演的時候都不早, 有些觀眾已經走了。但是留下來的觀眾過半都是身穿Revolution Band Tee的女歌迷, 南歐男仕的魅力果然利害。
他們第一首表演歌曲為David Bowie的Hero, 之後是英倫Hard Rock樂隊The Cult的Rain和同樣是Hard Rock樂隊Free的All Right Now。但是今晚原創翻唱音樂會的宗旨為演出有原創成份的翻唱歌曲。但是在開始的三首歌中, 除了將Hero簡化並變成Hard Rock版外, 其實原創成份不高。縱觀當晚Revolution的setlist, What A Wonderful World算是比較重原創成份。其餘的都是像處理Hero般, 將其簡化成Hard Rock版本。

雖然原創成份不足, 但主音的聲線都可持續地唱接近1小時的高水準Hard Rock唱腔, 而且, 他熱衷於和現場觀眾互動, 令一眾男女歌迷非常投入地起舞。亦為演出加回不少分數。
– Dicky Kwong

Revolution came onstage and immediately exuberated a cool stage presence. They got the show rolling with “Heroes”. A David Bowie cover which was very powerful rock song with a strong drum beat which quickly got the blood rushing. It was hard rock done to perfection.

The vocalist encouraged the crowd to help get the song started with some audience clapping and they built into the intro. “Here comes the rain!” The vocalist was in top form, but why was he wearing sunglasses inside? Was he trying to hide his identity or was it just a fashion statement?

All Right Now” sounds really similar to the original. There were no flaws that I have to comment on so I have to talk about what the guitarist is wearing… a waist coat without a shirt? Why does he need a shirt when he plays the guitar so well without one.

Their next song had me thinking Jesus Christ! Because it was so damn loud. It was time to join the dance floor and boogie on down with everyone else as I listened to the impressive guitar riffs. It was late but they still had power.
Their version of “What a Wonderful world” was way different from the original. It was a punk song that got most people dancing… or moshing. Then someone reminded me it was a cover of a cover
(The Ramones).  This led into more dancing as they played “My Sharona” to perfection. So much like the original or did I miss how they did it differently? Then they played “Keep on Rocking in the Free World” and during one of the songs the vocalist does a roundhouse kick? Awesome. Again people tell me that they are playing well but sounding just like a cover band.

Are you going to be my girl?” Catches my attention as it is a popular Jet song. Their version of it was really fast. Something different. Nice.
The drums started the American song in which they are supposed to say “We are an American band!” but instead they say “We are an Italian band!” I think this is quite clever until it gets too repetitive and then they swap from being American and Italian bands, and vice versa. It gets a bit confusing as he interchanges freely between both countries, but puts a smile on my face.

Revolution starts their ELEVENTH song sometime past 2am… but they were still rocking… yeah! “Shout” was a loud song which was quite heavy compared to their previous songs, but still very similar to the original. Then it was supposed to be their last song and it was a good way to finish because it was “Smells like Teen Spirit”. I totally love this song and rocked out until I was ready to go home.
They played a Pearl Jam song for an encore from the screams of their die-hard fans in Revolution t-shirts. Then, they decided to play another encore in Chinese…. How many songs are we now? What’s the time? Revolution were a great band. They play covers well, but tonight in my eyes they didn’t do the event justice as they didn’t play covers in an original way. However, kudos to Revolution as they play the covers just as sick as the originals.
– Cain McInerney

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