Richey Lam (USA)

u76004.JPGLive Review from Underground 76:

1. The Dangerous Line

2. Growing (medley)

3. This is my life

4. Ghost

5. The Wahoo song

6. Will you still love me? (cover of Carol King)

Richey came on stage and immediately started with a fast paced and catchy number. There was an instant silence in the room as everybody stopped their conversations and turned their heads towards him. All that could be heard were the sweet notes of his voice and the twangs of guitar strings. He gave us a lot of oohs ad ahs as he showed us the range of his talented voice. His voice was very soulful, can I call it RnB with a guitar? I have never seen a performance like this at The Underground that crossed this kind of genre and succeeded. It definitely had all the girls in a daze.

Even in his first song, ‘The Dangerous Line‘, he had the entire crowd clapping along enthusiastically. This song was a mixture of some covers plus some original lyrics. He went onto his next song, ‘Groan‘, and continued to give us a full performance despite only being a one-man band. This song started slowly, working his magic with his guitar. You couldn’t even hear a sound during the pauses because the crowd was so mesmerized by his stage presence. He talked about his flight over to Hong Kong and went on to say how he sat next to a beautiful girl, something that rarely happens to him, and me! He usually gets stuck next to really smelly people, or fat people, in my case. He told us how he went over things in his head that he wanted say to her, but nothing would come out. He pondered if only she could hear the sweet melody in my soul… and he started to sing, “Could you be… the most beautiful girl in the world?” He kept talking about this situation and it became obvious that this song was a medley when he sang “My girl” which even got the soundman echoing the words back to him.

His third song was ‘This is my life‘, a song that has been featured on MTV’s The Real World. This was another mood catching soulful song that had all the girls swooning. It featured a lot of slapping onto the guitar and more thought provoking lyrics. By his fourth song, ‘Ghost‘, the whole crowd was lost in the music as they all seemed to roll into one. He had a great repertoire with the audience. It felt like I was having a deep conversation with an old friend.

His next song, ‘The Wahoo Song‘, was another romantic love song that elegantly rolled off his tongue. It was evident that music was in his blood. The last song of his set was a cover of Carol King’s ‘Will you still love me?’, another sweet sweet song that rounded off his performance perfectly. What I really liked about him was that he always had a smile on his face and played as if there were more than a thousand people watching.

Unfortunately for him, the night was still young and a majority of the audience was fashionably late; rather not to see the first band because they have the mentality that he first band must always be shit. But, those people who didn’t come really lucked out this time. Richey Lam was definitely a highlight of the night for me. And for the people there, he really made us feel like we were the luckiest people in the bar that night.
Cain (F.B.I. vocalist)

Click here to watch Richey Lam playing his original song: The Wahoo Song!

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